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Satisfy legal requirements

Since May 2006, most newly registered commercial vehicles over 3.5 tonnes maximum permissible weight and passenger carrying vehicles with more than nine seats must be fitted with a digital tachograph. In addition, fleet operators and drivers have additional obligations in respect of downloading, analysing and archiving data from mass vehicle units and the driver card. Heavy fines are imposed if the regulations are not adhered to.

Your legal obligations…

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1. Recording data

Driver and vehicle data must be recorded during every journey using a digital tachograph.

Digital Tachograph DTCO 2.1

2. Complying with driving and rest periods

Companies must ensure that their drivers comply with the specified regulations.

Digital Tachograph DTCO 2.1

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VDO FleetVisor

3. Data analysis

Drivers and companies have an obligation to analyse the data for any possible Drivers Hours infringements.

DLK Pro TIS-Compact


4. Downloading data

Data from the tachograph's mass memory must be downloaded and archived by the company at least within every 90 days, and data from the driver cards within every 28 days.

TIS-Web Card Reader

Downloadterminal DLT II

DLK Pro family

DLD Short Range

DLD Wide Range

VDO FleetVisor

5. Archiving data

All data must be stored securely for one year (two years for Working Time Directive). The data must be made available to the relevant authorities. Drivers must be able to produce at a roadside check their driver card and any legally required records.

DLK Pro family


6. Data back-up

Data should be backed up on a regular basis.


DLK Pro family

7. Periodic inspection

EU regulations states that Digital tachographs must be re-calibrated at least once every two years. You can have these inspections carried out at our service partners.

Digital Tachograph DTCO 2.1

DLK Pro TIS-Compact

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8. Distance-based truck toll system for Belgian motorways

From 1st April 2016, a new toll system will be introduced on Belgian motorways for trucks over 3.5 tonnes gross vehicle weight. The distance-based toll system replaces the time-based Eurovignette. In the future, the collection of the distance-related toll will be done via a satellite-supported On Board Unit. This means fleet operators only have six months left to take action.


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