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Truck navigation with VDO FleetVisor and Driver Linc

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Fleet und Driver Display

Simple navigation for the driver with Driver Linc.

Fleet und Driver Display

Your advantages at a glance

  • Plan routes that are specifically tailored to the requirements of trucks
  • Avoid narrow roads and one-way streets, sharp bends, U-turns, low bridges and narrow tunnels
  • Determine the individual truck type, load and dangerous goods, as well as height, weight, length, limits and maximum speed
  • Calculate a realistic arrival time based on traffic conditions

Navigation systems have become an essential companion for any kind of trip. Most of them have just one major flaw: They do not meet the specific needs of commercial vehicles. Large trucks often end up in narrow roads or get led towards tight U-turns, low clearance routes and bridges that are off limits to large goods vehicles. This means extra stress for drivers, unforeseen delays, angry clients and, in the worst case, even damage to the vehicle. With the Driver Display's navigation function, this will no longer happen to you. Enter your individual requirements when planning each journey and a route will be created that will safely lead driver and vehicle to their destination. And this means that the estimated arrival time is finally based on real truck-specific conditions.

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