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Short Range DLD®

Automatic download to your company WLAN



DLD Short Range
DLD Short Range

Your advantages at a glance

  • Wireless transfer of mass memory and driver card data
  • Automatically downloads data at the specified schedules ensuring legal compliance
  • Automatic forwarding to TIS-Web possible
  • As the data is automatically downloaded, you save time and cost
  • The company card remains in the office during the data download - this ensures greater security
  • You control the whole download process completely from the office
  • No cost implications to transfer data via WLAN


You operate a large fleet and your vehicles come back to the yard on a regular basis. If this is the case, it is easy to use the Short Range DLD to download all data from the mass memory and driver cards to your company WLAN while the vehicles are parked up.

With the Short Range DLD®  the data is transferred to the office PC via a local wireless network (WLAN) if the vehicle is in a defined area of the fleet site. A reminder list specifies the dates on which the data is to be downloaded. It does not cost anything to transfer the data because it is transferred  via the company network.

Simple further processing and data analysis

The downloaded files are compatible with TIS-Web and for data analysis solutions from other providers. Depending on the evaluation and archiving software used, you can analyse and optimise the routes taken, fuel consumption of your fleet, the drivers' mode activities and other factors.

This is how data transmission works


(1) The device establishes a connection between the digital tachograph and the Remote TCO Manager (software is included) on your PC.

(2) The Authentication takes place between the company card and the DTCO®.
Please note: You need a card reader to read the company card information

Data download
(3) Secure data downloading from the DTCO® to the DLD® (driver cards and/or mass memory data), where the data is collected and encrypted.

Data transmission
(4) The Short Range DLD transfers the encrypted data to the PC via the local wireless network (WLAN).

(5) For TIS-Webcustomers the data are transferred directly to the TIS-Web server via a secure internet connection (https) and are available there for inspection and analysis.


  • VDO card reader for reading the company card during authentication (necessary to allow authentication between the Company Card and the tachograph)
  • Office PC with continuous internet connection
  • WLAN network for wireless data transmission
  • It is very easy to configure the DLD in accordance with your download schedules using the supplied configuration software
  • DTCO from Release 1.3 (with CAN 2 connection). As an option, it is also possible to connect the DLD to the DTCO front interface (when released for wireless transmission). Ask a service partner workshop for advice
  • Power supply for the device, e.g. cigarette lighter socket in the vehicle

Additional products

TIS-Web Datenmanagement

TIS-Web data management

Analysing data on a PC

Comply with legislation and plan routes more efficiently: You can use the online software to analyse and archive the downloaded data.

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VDO Kartenleser

VDO card reader

Reader for the driver card

The card reader is also required for DLD installations in order to authenticate the tachograph download.

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