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DLK Pro TIS-Compact

The handy multi-talent for downloading, archiving and analysis

DLK Pro TIS-Compact

DLK Pro TIS-Compact: Download and analysis tool in one.

DLK Pro TIS-Compact
DLK Pro TIS-Compact
DLK Pro TIS-Compact
DLK Pro TIS-Compact

Your advantages at a glance

  • Mobile device in the practical format of a mobile phone
  • For downloading, visualising and archiving data from the driver card and mass storage device
  • Helps you  to comply with the regulations in respect of downloading, analysing and archiving of data
  • For all 12 and 24-volt digital tachographs
  • Simple operation, maximum data security


undefinedThe DLK Pro TIS-Compact is a single tool for downloading, archiving and managing data and is particularly suitable for owner-drivers or small fleets with up to five vehicles and ten drivers. You can use it to read data from digital tachographs and driver cards quickly and securely; to transfer the data to a PC and visualize; as well as to archive and print with the aid of an integrated PC application. In addition, the driver card can also be downloaded separately via the card reader integrated in the key.


The device shows you all important data directly on the display, such as the amount of driving time left and the rest periods required. Here you can also access the download status, battery charge level and the amount of memory currently still available. Large, self-explanatory images lead users through the individual menu items.

The DLK Pro licence card is an additional enhancement. You can use it to evaluate any Drivers Hours infringements or manipulations.

All features in detail

  • Complies with the downloading and archiving obligations for small fleets and owner-drivers
  • One key for up to five vehicles and ten drivers
  • Downloads mass memory and driver card data for all digital tachographs (compatible with 12-volt and 24-volt devices)
  • Convenient 2.2" TFT touchscreen display for analysing vehicle and driver activities and to display download status, the charge level of the battery and the amount of memory currently still available
  • Additional LED to display the download status and audible signal when the download is complete
    Download reminder
  • Verifies the signature of the download files
  • Graphical support
  • Simple archiving of mass memory and driver card data on includes a  SD card reader
  • Visualisation of the data on  a PC such as driver activities (driving, working and rest periods) and speeds during the last 24 hours of driving and functions to export data to other PC applications
  • Printout of driver card and mass memory data
  • No external power supply required for the data download from the digital tachograph and evaluation on a PC
  • Data memory to store approx. six thousand quarterly downloads
  • 2 GB memory capacity
  • Rapid data transfer from the digital tachograph to the PC using a high speed USB interface
  • Configurable Start screen
  • Up to  29 languages (Italian, Dutch must be registered)
  • Optional function: Infringement module the licence card

Additional products

This allows you to gain maximum benefit from the features offered by DLK Pro TIS-Compact!

DLK Pro licence card

DLK Pro licence card for infringement module

Checking your own driving offences

You can activate the infringement module of your DLK Pro TIS-Compact with this card in order to check the vehicle and driver card data for infringements or manipulations.

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  • DLK Pro Power Box

    External power supply if the key is not inserted in the tachograph.

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