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Digital tachograph DTCO® 2.2

Next generation digital tachographs

Manual Entry at DTCO from VDO

Manual Entry at DTCO from VDO
DTCO 2.2 with new front cover
Manual Entry at DTCO 2.2 via Fleet App
DTCO 2.1 1-Minute-Rule
Remote Download
VDO Counter

Your advantages at a glance

  • Manual Entries can be done easily via a smartphone
  • Quicker data download time than the previous models
  • Remaining driving and rest times displayed using the VDO Counter functionality
  • Transfer of information like fuel consumption, vehicle load, engine status from vehicle electronics inside fleet management systems
  • New front panel design


The ‘DTCO® 2.2’ digital EU tachograph offers an impressive combination of reliability, technology and handling. The new Digital Tachograph not only includes the integration of the latest “1 Minute Rule”, so drivers can optimise their driving time during the working day, but also stores vehicle position data via a GPS receiver (optional). By connecting a DTCO® GeoLoc module (GPS-Receiver), vehicle position data can be recorded (cyclic data transmission via CAN 1 or 2 connections). The stored GEO coordinate data inside the ‘DTCO® 2.2’ can then be downloaded manually using a download tool or remotely using a Remote Download Device (DLD®) and then uploaded into TIS-Web Service Data Management System. Using the TIS-Web Mapping Service a road map can then be displayed. This enables fleet managers, to view vehicle journey data, including for example delivery locations. The DTCO® GeoLoc module can also be used to generate the second motion signal (IMS / Independent Motion Signal), if for example the IMS cannot be provided via the vehicle’s CAN.

Intelligent on-board computer and personal assistant


Another special feature of the new digital tachograph is the VDO Counter, an intelligent on-board computer which provides the driver with real-time information on remaining driving and breaks / rest times. Using this data, it is possible to plan routes and times more efficiently. When using optional accessories like e.g. the DTCO® SmartLink, you can view this additional information on a Smartphone.

The VDO Counter function is a standard feature of the current DTCO 2.2. For some earlier releases, it can be enabled with a VDO Counter Update Card.

Under “DTCO release statuses”, you find an Overview of DTCO versions.

Manual Entry

Remote HMI control – offline functionalities
As long as there is no SmartLink connection established, the remote functionality works in an “offline mode”:

  • Within the offline mode, the driver may prepare a manual entry with multiple activities that will be uploaded to the DTCO® when the connection is active and the driver card is being inserted.
  • All those prepared activities are being stored on the Smartphone.
  • There is a pre-configured manual entry that fills the period from the last card ejection with “resting” and adds x minutes as working time for the vehicle check.

Remote HMI control – manual entry
When the SmartLink connection is active and the driver has just inserted a driver card into the DTCO® then the Remote Control works in Card Insertion Mode (or Manual Entry mode).

  • There is a pre-configurated manual entry that fills the period from the last card ejection with “resting” and adds x minutes as working time for the vehicle check.
  • Add additional activities
  • Start Country can be changed

More effective driving time with the one-minute rule

Every minute counts: According to the EU 1266/2009 regulation, a tachograph minute will only be recorded as driving time on the DTCO® 2.1 active, if driving represents the longest activity within a given minute.

This is what our customers say

Spedition EffingerMichael Effinger, CEO of freight forwarders Effinger: “The one-minute rule is of a real benefit to the transport sector.” Although his trucks are primarily involved in long-distance haulage and not stop-start traffic conditions, all the time saved adds up for the company.

"The time gained is an enormous help for our operation. We no longer get so close to our driving limits, and we don’t have to cross our fingers so often and occasionally turn a blind eye.” In a nutshell: It provides a little more flexibility in our vehicle scheduling.

Additional functions


undefinedDTCO 2.2  is the latest release version of the DTCO 1381 and the first EU tachograph with GPS capability.

A GPS-Receiver (DTCO® GeoLoc) provides the DTCO 2.2 with vehicle position data. The stored GEO coordinate data inside the DTCO 2.2 can then be downloaded manually using a download tool or remotely using a Remote Download (DLD®) and then uploaded into TIS-Web Data Management Service. Using the TIS-Web Mapping Service a road map can then be displayed. This enables you, to view vehicle journey data,  including for example delivery locations.

More information on vehicle tracking (location) and tracing (route tracking)

You don't want to record the geographical data for every journey? No problem: The driver can switch the function on or off at any time.

ITS ready

In the future, drivers, fleet operators and other road users will be networked electronically to an even greater extent. Even today, the DTCO 2.2  is prepared for this intelligent transport system (ITS) and is therefore a secure basis for fleet management of the future.

undefinedThe DTCO SmartLink, which is available as an option, connects digital tachographs to smartphones and thus becomes the gateway for various helpful apps.

More on the DTCO SmartLink

DTCO Connect

Your key into new business opportunities with digital tachographs from VDO

With DTCO® connect we offer you an extensive package of useful data for developing customized apps for the commercial vehicle market. To customize your applications in a perfect way benefit from DTCO® connect – accessing data of VDO digital tachograph DTCO®.

DTCO® connect provides a wide range of datasets – the digital tachograph DTCO® stores 124 different datasets with driver-related information, vehicle related information and tachograph-related information. All data is available in real time so ideally usable for close to customer developed applications.

Your advantages at a glance

  • Full access to all datasets stored in the digital tachograph DTCO®
  • Possibility of totally new sales approaches
  • All round carefree package including manual, hardware and tele-support
  • Brand marketing: labelling with DTCO® and VDO logo


More information

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DTCO release statuses

o you have an older version of the digital tachograph?

You see here which functions are supported on the different devices and which updates you may need.

 DTCO 1.3DTCO 1.4DTCO 2.0*DTCO 2.0aDTCO 2.1DTCO 2.2
Remote HMI
Driver History
Vehicle Data
GPS Data with DTCO Geoloc **
VDO Counter **
Independent motion signal support
1-minute rule
Advance warning of periodic test interval, card expiry
Graphic printouts
Remote download interface for remote download (DLD) and SmartLink ** ** ** ** ** **
Rest period with ignition off
Consumption recorded with DTCO Fuelgate

* Upgrade of the release to release 2.1 is possible via workshop.

Find Workshop in UK

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** Must be activated with an Update Card (At service device alreaedy activated)

See how you can simply check, if VDO Counter is activated or not:

Insert a valid driver card inside the card slot of the DTCO and perform the manual entry. As soon the card has been scanned completly press 3 times the "arrow down" button.

In case you see following screen inside the DTCO Display, the VDO Counter is already activated.


Additional products

We offer you various options for the mandatory download of data from the mass memory and driver card, customised to your individual requirements. With suitable software – e.g. TIS-Web – you can then analyse the data – and plan your routes more effectively.

DLD Wide Range

DLD® Wide Range

Remote download via wireless technology

Download data remotely when in the office while the truck is out on the road.

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Mobile download via DLK Pro

Mobile download key

The solution for all fleets: Just insert download key in the tachograph and then transfer the data to a computer.

Find out more
TIS-Web Datenmanagement

TIS-Web data management

Analysing data on a PC

Comply with legislation and plan routes more efficiently: You can use the online software to analyse and archive the downloaded data.

Find out more
DTCO SmartLink

DTCO SmartLink

Connection from the Tachograph to a smartphone

The device sends data from the tachograph to the driver's smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth (iPhone or Android). This gives you access to many useful apps.

Find out more


  • Tachograph paper

    High-quality paper that is especially resistant to heat.

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  • VDO Counter Update Card

    You activate the VDO Counter function with this card.

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  • VDO cleaning set

    For long-term error-free analysis.

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