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Digital tachograph DTCO® 3.0

Faster, brighter and more flexible

The DTCO® 3.0 can be ordered from September!

The DTCO® 3.0 can be ordered from September!

The DTCO® 3.0 can be ordered from September!
The DTCO® 3.0 can be ordered from September!
The DTCO® 3.0 can be ordered from September!

Available now!

  • Faster downloads and faster handling of driver cards
  • New negative display is easy to read, even in direct sunlight
  • Set parameters by yourself with the new “DTCO® Configuration” App
  • And many more user-friendly optimizations …


DTCO® 3.0 has been developed for the new market requirements of the European Union. Thanks to its new architecture and an optimized design, the DTCO® is now even more powerful and less energy consuming.

What’s new?

The DTCO® 3.0 consumes less power than its predecessor.

The revamped design makes it even easier to operate. For example, direct sunlight is no challenge for the new negative display.

Drivers profit from faster processing when a two-man crew is in the vehicle and mobile devices can be used to record additional manual entries.

Now drivers and fleet managers alike can communicate with the tachograph: The new “DTCO® Configuration” App allows to change parameters and thereby aligning the functions more closely to the user’s requirements such as the local time or the activity after ignition off.

The DTCO® 3.0 can be ordered now.

Highlights at a glance …

  • Up to 300 % faster driver specific vehicle settings after card insertion
  • Up to 25 % faster card reading & local download
  • Local download now nearly twice as fast
  • Up to 30 % faster card ejection
  • Up to 50 % reduced power consumption in stand-by mode
  • More than 50 % weight reduction

And even more driver benefits!

  • Faster VDO Counter information
  • Enhanced illumination
  • Easy to read display even after ‘ignition off’
  • Comfortable DTCO® handling through VDO apps for driver

DTCO® Connect

Your key into new business opportunities with digital tachographs from VDO

With DTCO® connect we offer you an extensive package of useful data for developing customized apps for the commercial vehicle market. To customize your applications in a perfect way benefit from DTCO® connect – accessing data of VDO digital tachograph DTCO®.

DTCO® connect provides a wide range of datasets – the digital tachograph DTCO® stores 124 different datasets with driver-related information, vehicle related information and tachograph-related information. All data is available in real time so ideally usable for close to customer developed applications.

Your advantages at a glance

  • Full access to all datasets stored in the digital tachograph DTCO®
  • Possibility of totally new sales approaches
  • All round carefree package including manual, hardware and tele-support
  • Brand marketing: labelling with DTCO® and VDO logo


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DTCO® release statuses

Do you have an older version of the digital tachograph?

You see here which functions are supported on the different devices and which updates you may need.

 DTCO 1.3DTCO 1.4DTCO 2.0*DTCO 2.0aDTCO 2.1DTCO 2.2DTCO 3.0
Negative display
Configurable parameters via mobile app
Remote HMI
Driver history
Vehicle Data
GPS Data with DTCO® Geoloc **
VDO Counter **
Independent motion signal support
1-minute rule
Advance warning of periodic test interval, card expiry
Graphic printouts
Remote download interface for remote download (DLD) and SmartLink ** ** ** ** ** ** **
Rest period with ignition off
Consumption recorded with DTCO® Fuelgate

* Upgrade of the release to release 2.1 is possible via workshop
** Must be activated with an Update Card (At service device already activated)

See how you can simply check, if VDO Counter is activated or not:

Insert a valid driver card inside the card slot of the DTCO® and perform the manual entry. As soon the card has been scanned completly press 3 times the "arrow down" button.

In case you see following screen inside the DTCO® Display, the VDO Counter is already activated.


Additional products

We offer you various options for the mandatory download of data from the mass storage device and driver card, tailored to your individual requirements. With suitable software – e.g. TIS-Web – you can then analyses the data – and plan routes more effectively.

DLD Wide Range Ⅱ

DLD® Wide Range II

Remote download via GPRS

Download driver and vehicle data when in the office using the GPRS network when the truck is still out on the road. This allows you to analyse all the information in TIS-Web® Motion, even in real time.

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Mobile download via DLK Pro

Mobile download key

The solution for all fleets: Just insert download key in the tachograph and then transfer the data to a computer.

Find out more
TIS-Web Datenmanagement

TIS-Web data management

Analysing data on a PC

Comply with legislation and plan routes more efficiently: You can use the online software to analyse and archive the downloaded data.

Find out more
DTCO SmartLink

DTCO SmartLink

Connection from the Tachograph to a smartphone

The device sends data from the tachograph to the driver's smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth (iPhone or Android). This gives you access to many useful apps.

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  • Tachograph paper

    High-quality paper that is especially resistant to heat.

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  • VDO Counter Update Card

    You activate the VDO Counter function with this card.

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  • VDO cleaning set

    For long-term error-free analysis.

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