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The app with many additional functions: TIS-Web® Fleet App

Efficiency from the word go

TIS-Web Fleet App

Drivers can prepare a structured pre-departure report simply and conveniently.

TIS-Web Fleet App
TIS-Web Fleet App
TIS-Web Fleet App
TIS-Web Fleet App
TIS-Web Fleet App

Your advantages at a glance

  • Drivers can record the truck's status and load conveniently
  • Data is transferred to TIS-Web and is made available immediately
  • This means that all steps are automatically documented in TIS-Web
  • Repairs can be arranged immediately, reducing downtimes


  • TIS-Web (Communicator module)
  • TIS-Web fleet app

Efficient planning begins with the pre-departure check. Drivers can use the TIS-Web fleet app to prepare a structured pre-departure report including a list of defects and the load condition. The report is then transferred to TIS-Web. This allows the fleet manager to arrange repairs at an early stage and take spare capacity into consideration when planning. All steps are documented in the software.


The TIS-Web Fleet App is the ideal interface between office and driver and assists in simplifying daily driving operations for the driver. The app is installed on the Drivers Smartphone and via the DTCO SmartLink Bluetooth interface, it can receive tachograpph data from the DTCO which can be sent directly to TIS-Web.

This helps in optimising the fleets processes and improves communication which results in direct improvements in the utilisation of the fleet.

Functions of TIS-Web Fleet App

A detailed vehicle check protocol records the defects on the vehicle and transmits this data back to the office for the Fleet managers attention and prompt action. The vehicle check points can be backed up by short comments and pictures.

While driving, the driver is able to monitor at any time the current daily and weekly driving and rest times.

The app can also be used as remote control for the digital tachograph. This is particularly useful, when the driver cannot view the tachograph screen from his seat.

From TIS-Web automatic messages can be sent to the driver, e.g. reminders on pending driver card download.

Driver and Fleet manager can exchange messages. These messages will be logged inside TIS-Web as well.

When the DTCO SmartLink is connected the app will transfer tachograph data every 5 minutes to TIS-Web. Also information about current vehicle position and loading, which the driver has entered via the app, will be shown in TIS-Web Mapping. Thus you have your fleet always in view and new instructions can be quickly and efficiently transmitted to the driver to assist with tasks such as route planning and general logistics.

DTCO Connect

Your key into new business opportunities with digital tachographs from VDO

With DTCO® connect we offer you an extensive package of useful data for developing customized apps for the commercial vehicle market. To customize your applications in a perfect way benefit from DTCO® connect – accessing data of VDO digital tachograph DTCO®.

DTCO® connect provides a wide range of datasets – the digital tachograph DTCO® stores 124 different datasets with driver-related information, vehicle related information and tachograph-related information. All data is available in real time so ideally usable for close to customer developed applications.

Your advantages at a glance

  • Full access to all datasets stored in the digital tachograph DTCO®
  • Possibility of totally new sales approaches
  • All round carefree package including manual, hardware and tele-support
  • Brand marketing: labelling with DTCO® and VDO logo


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