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Continental maintains an extensive network of tachograph workshops throughout Europe. Our detailed certification process, regular training courses and technical support ensure that the quality is consistently of a high standard and that the expertise of all workshop employees is fully documented.

Around seven thousand of these workshops all over Europe are qualified as partners for digital tachographs. This authorises them to carry out periodic inspections and calibrations, deal with warranty issues, replace digital tachographs, and retrofit digital tachographs.

This network ensures that fleet managers will always have access to professional support for all their digital tachograph concerns at our certified VDO partner workshops. They can operate their vehicles knowing that they will be able to find expert help and assistance nearly everywhere in Europe.

We always remember that our customers are working on tight schedules and therefore strive to offer a fast and efficient service for all issues that arise.

What we offer our workshops

Workshop equipment
Using approved professional equipment, all work is carried out correctly, quickly and in compliance with legislation.

Periodic inspection
Versatile and easy to use Service Diagnostic Systems ensure that Periodic Inspections are completed with the minimum of delay.

Exchange, repair and retrofitting
VDO offers a range of Universal, Service Replacement units, digital tachograph retrofit kits and ancillary parts ensuring that fleet operators are provided with quality products and an efficient service.

Work under warranty
VDO partner workshops are also the first point of contact when warranty work is required anywhere in Europe.

Gain strength with our network
If you qualify as a VDO workshop partner, you become part of a strong network.

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