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Exchange, repair and retrofitting

VDO partner workshops are your expert point of contact for all matters relating to tachographs.

Exchange and repair

undefinedPlease note that only authorised workshops are allowed to install, inspect and calibrate digital tachographs.

In order to save our customers valuable time, we have set up an exchange service. VDO partner workshops keep service replacement devices on-site to replace defective devices. This ensures that vehicles can get back on the road again with the minimum of delay.

This is how customers benefit:

  • In Europe there are seven thousand service centers and 28 national organisations for all warranty issues
  • Customers can choose from a complete range of original devices and universally applicable replacement devices
  • The latest software is always installed on the devices and the workshop ensures that drivers are given correct instructions
  • Depending on the vehicle manufacturer, each new tachograph has an agreed pan-European factory warranty at Continental

Analogue tachographs

Analogue devices are replaced with an equivalent analogue device. However, fleet operators should consider whether a repair is really worthwhile, considering that the latest generation of digital tachographs offer many functions that increase fleet efficiency, with features such as remote download, graphical printouts and fast downloads. If you choose a digital tachograph, we offer the latest generation DTCO device at a preferential customer price.

Digital tachographs

Digital tachographs can also be exchanged. Customers receive the latest generation DTCO exchange device with up-to-date software. This allows you to benefit from all the advantages of modern universal devices, such as the display of driving and rest periods, remote download options and many more functions.


According to legislation, SUVs and small transit vans that exceed a certain weight (3.5 tonnes) and are used for commercial purposes must be fitted with digital tachographs. (The fitment must be completed by an authorised tachograph workshop.)

A DTCO GeoLoc may also be installed as part of the retrofit. It supplies the second movement signal required by EU legislation.


Do you have an older digital tachograph version? Here you can see which functions are supported on the different devices and which upgrades you need.

 DTCO 1.2aDTCO 1.3DTCO 1.4DTCO 2.0*DTCO 2.0aDTCO 2.1DTCO 2.1
GPS Data **
VDO Counter *** **
Independent motion signal support
1-minute rule
Advance warning of periodic test interval, card expiry
Graphic printouts
Remote download interface for remote download (DLD) and DTCO SmartLink **
Rest period with ignition off
Consumption recorded with DTCO Fuelgate

* Upgrade of the release is possible via workshop
** Must be activated with an Update Card
*** Can only be activated via the workshop Find a workshop

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