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Fixed installation of Satellic On Board Units

Business is good as a VDO installation partner of On Board Units for Belgium's toll system

From 1st April 2016, a new toll system will be introduced on Belgian motorways for trucks over 3.5 tonnes gross vehicle weight. The distance-based toll system replaces the time-based Eurovignette. In the future, the collection of the distance-related toll will be done via a satellite-supported On Board Unit. As an installation partner, you will be included in our service partner database and automatically receive order for the fixed installation of the On Board Units.


Benefit right from the start:

  • New service and customer potential
  • Specialisation in a future-proof business segment
  • Increased profitability and better workshop utilisation
  • Professional image for existing and potential customers

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Our tip: Contact customers who travel on Belgian motorways about the fixed installation of the On Board Units. If possible use the regular Tachograph calibration / inspection dates. Both partners benefit: You will increase your profit without much additional effort and your customer will enjoy shorter truck downtimes.

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