DTCO 4.0e - precise, robust and comfortable

DTCO 4.0e is an evolution of DTCO 4.0, the 2nd generation intelligent digital tachograph. The "e" in the name stands for a comprehensive convenience update that has significantly improved user guidance of DTCO 4.0. Incidentally: users of a DTCO 4.0 can have this helpful update installed at any time.


The latest tachograph generation from the DTCO 4.0 series

  • Meets all the requirements of the new EU Regulation 165/2014 valid from 15.06.2019
  • Change settings quickly and easily through the DTCO Configuration App
  • Standardized ITS interface for fleet management systems
  • Automatic position determination through GNSS
  • Save time for suspicious activity checks through DSRC remote communication
  • Shows you working times in the DTCO display and gives you configurable warnings in accordance with the Working Time Directive 2002/15 EC*
  • Significantly shorter input times for manual supplements * even in multi-driver operation
  • More convenient entry of country abbreviations through automatic preselection in the display*
*Included in Comfort Upgrade 4.0e



DTCO 4.0 series digital tachographs


Guaranteed to comply with the law. Complies with all applicable standards.

Quickly and easily configurable via DTCO Configuration App.

Compatible with all current professional fleet management solutions.

Even easier and more convenient to use with DTCO 4.0e comfort update.


Here you can see which DTCO offers which functions and which updates you may need. You can read the version number of your DTCO on the label inside the printer drawer.


  DTCO® 4.0e DTCO® 4.0 DTCO® 3.0 DTCO® 2.2 DTCO® 2.1 DTCO® 2.0a DTCO® 2.0* DTCO® 1.4
Working time counter                
Graphic printouts                
Interface for Remote Download and DTCO® SmartLink                
Rest time when ignition off                
Fuel consumption recording via DTCO® Fuelgate                
1 minute rule                
Pre-warning on periodic inspection check and card expiration                
"Independent Motion Signal" Support                
KITAS 4.0 Support for better protection against tampering***                
VDO Counter                
GPS-data with DTCO® Geoloc                
Remote Control-Manual Addendum                
Driver history                
Vehicle data                
Inverted display                
Configurable parameters via mobile app                


* Upgrade of the release by workshop to release 2.1 possible.

** Must be activated with Update Card. (Already activated with service device)

*** Must be activated with license key.

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